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For driving lessons you can expect: -

  1. Full hour lessons
  2. No smoking
  3. No phone interruptions
  4. One to one tuition
  5. No shouting
  6. To learn from a Grade A Instructor
  7. Advanced driving techniques at no extra charge

For driving school lessons choose either: -

  1. The standard 1 driving lesson per week (1 hour)
  2. 2 or more driving lessons per week (space permitting)
  3. 1.5, or 2 hour driving lessons

Further driving courses, choose either: -

  1. A refresher driving lesson/course
  2. Overtaking techniques (a Glencor speciallity)
  3. Glasgow City driving
  4. Motorway driving lessons
  5. Pass Plus

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Driving Lesson Testimonials to Dave the driving school instructor

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Kes Magdisauskas of Stewarton

David was very accommodating, professional and friendly. I highly recommend him as an instructor. With his mentorship, I've passed my test first time.

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Ben Taylor of Kilmarnock

David was a recommendation which I do not regret. Having only had 15 lessons, I passed first time! Very professional and reliable. David made my driving experience comfortable and always explained everything thoroughly. David's learning methods and helpful tips made it easy to learn.

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Russell Nolan of Kilmarnock

Dave was an amazing instructor who always ensured a comfortable environment when teaching. He helped me progress at a rate I never expected to and I passed within 5 months. His relaxed yet safe teaching style means I was confident driving on my own as soon as I passed.

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Ram P of Springside

David is a very professional and pleasant instructor. He is very patient and friendly in classes and puts a lot of thought into the lessons with easy tips. I recommend him 100% for a reliable and flexible learning experience.

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Andy Scott of Troon

Massive thank-you to Dave as he took me with 3 days notice before my test as I was let down. Took me out for an hour to brush up on my skills very helpful great instructor highly recommended can't thank him enough. Passed with one minor.

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Natalie-Marie Kerr of Irvine

Dave is a brilliant driving instructor very patient calm and accommodating with lessons. Would definately recommend.

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The mechanic we all want to find
In over 30 years of going to mechanics I fell on gold when I met Gary. He is most definitely that rare mechanic that we all want to find. Give him a call and you'll find out what I mean.

GI Motor Sport
Unit 1, Tannock Street, Kilmarnock
01563 530 353.

Remember, for large vehicles you might need to give more space at junctions or hold back to allow them to turn first (even if you have the priority to go first).

Glencor Driving School Lesson Testimonials

Testimonials About Glencor Driving School Lessons

Glencor Driving School mainly gives driving lessons in Kilmarnock and driving lessons in Irvine, but does consider helping learners from other areas when they need assistance in special circumstances. This is the reason for testimonials from people outside of Kilmarnock and Irvine.

You can click on a name to go direct to their driving lesson testimonial.
Simply read the driving lesson testimonials as you browse through the website.

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Don't drive too close behind a truck:
If you can't see the driver in his/her mirrors, then they can't see you.

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