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Dave, Grade A - Teaching Skills
Driving Lessons in Kilmarnock and Irvine
Mainly Irvine Test Centre

For driving lessons you can expect: -

  1. Full hour lessons
  2. No smoking
  3. No phone interruptions
  4. One to one tuition
  5. No shouting
  6. To learn from a Grade A Instructor
  7. Advanced driving techniques at no extra charge

For driving school lessons choose either: -

  1. The standard 1 lesson per week (1 hour)
  2. 2 or more lessons per week (space permitting)
  3. 1.5, or 2 hour lessons

Further driving courses, choose either: -

  1. A refresher lesson/course
  2. Overtaking techniques (a Glencor speciallity)
  3. Glasgow City driving
  4. Motorway driving
  5. Pass Plus

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Testimonials to Dave the driving instructor

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Rachel Dickie of Kilmarnock

Dave is an absolutely exceptional driving instructor. I was really nervous about learning to drive but Dave is so patient and supportive; he never made me feel bad about making mistakes and he never let me get despondent. He is also incredibly knowledgeable and professional, he will always take the time to talk you through your mistakes or sketch out a diagram to show you how to handle the situation better next time. He also gave me plenty of time to practice the manoeuvers to make sure I was confident before my test. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend choosing Dave as your driving instructor; he is a truly lovely person and a fantastic instructor.

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Mark Novak of Drybridge    Mark Novak on Facebook

From the first lesson with Dave I felt thoroughly at ease. Dave was very relaxed and pleasant, which helped greatly in reducing any stress. I passed my test with very few lessons, and this was down to the great instructor, and relaxed and enjoyable experience. Thanks to Dave at Glencor.

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Caitlin Maclean of Irvine

I would like to wholeheartedly thank Dave for securing me a ZERO FAULTS pass. My examiner complimented my relaxed driving style which was completely down to being taught in that style. I highly recommend Dave of Glencor for lessons as he gave me the confidence to achieve an excellent pass first time round. Thank you so much Dave.

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Remember, for large vehicles you might need to give more space at junctions or hold back to allow them to turn first (even if you have the priority to go first).


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The Flower Barn, say thank you with a bouquet of flowers
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The Flower Barn
Kirkland Farm, Kilmarnock
01294 217 774.

The mechanic we all want to find
In over 30 years of going to mechanics I fell on gold when I met Gary. He is most definitely that rare mechanic that we all want to find. Give him a call and you'll find out what I mean.

GI Motor Sport
Unit 1, Tannock Street, Kilmarnock
01563 530 353.


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Testimonials About Glencor Driving School Lessons

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  1. Adair, Gillian
  2. Armour, Joanne
  3. Armour, Kirsty
  4. Bland, Ryan
  5. Brown, Trisha
  6. Brownlie, Chloe
  7. Caines, Nicola
  8. Cameron, David
  9. Cameron, Mary
  10. Chisholm, Ainsley
  11. Chisholm, Nichola
  12. Clark, Callum
  13. Coles, Neil
  14. Connelly, Lee
  15. Connelly, Louise
  16. Daniels (Abercrombie), Sandra
  17. Dickie, Rachel
  18. Dickie, Scott
  19. Drummond, Jamie
  20. Fitzpatrick, Kelly
  21. Green, Heather
  22. Hanif, Dr Shehzad
  23. Henry, Shanna
  24. Keohone, Linda
  25. Lauchlan, Callum
  26. Lennox, Maxine
  27. Lewis, Chris
  28. Lindsay, Fiona
  29. Marshall, Kimberley
  30. Martin, Leigh
  31. McFarlane, Steven
  32. Mackinnon, Madeleine
  33. McKnight, Ailie
  34. McLardy, Lisa
  35. Mclaughlin, Jayden
  36. McWilliams, Jade
  37. McWilliams, Tammy
  38. Mirza, Shahbaz
  39. Moore, Kerr
  40. Mudge, Louise
  41. Mudge, Kirsten
  42. Muir, Gregor
  43. Othman, Dr Mohamed
  44. Patterson, Adam
  45. Percy, Mags
  46. Phatak, Dr Madhura
  47. Preston, Ian
  48. Quinn, Johnathon
  49. Richardson, Amanda
  50. Robertson, Maegan
  51. Robertson, Vivienne
  52. Scobie, Lorraine
  53. Shaughnessy, Lee
  54. Sheerins, Owen
  55. Shields, Margaret
  56. Smith, Ola
  57. Stevens, Melanie
  58. Stevenson, Christine
  59. Strain, Shannan
  60. Tait, Andrew
  61. Turner, Kimberley
  62. Winter, Jed
  63. Winter, Rebekah
  1. Cochrane, Kevin
  2. Gemmell, Susanna
  3. Johnstone, Tammy
  4. Maclean, Caitlin
  5. Murray, Cassidy
  6. Murray, David
  7. Young, Ashley

  1. McEwan, Louise
  2. McKenzie, Emma
  3. McMaster, Paul
  4. Paterson, Ryan

  1. Novak, Mark

  1. Harkins, Julia

  1. Hood, Martin

  1. Morrison, Christine
  2. Nisbet, Claire
  3. White, Brogan

  1. Corrigan, Oonagh
  2. Yule, Andy

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  1. McCallum, Jordan
  2. Spirit, Naomi

  1. MacLean, Rhoda
  2. Seton, Gary

  1. Devlin, Mark
  2. Kelly, Arlene

  1. McKernon, Amber

  1. Brown, Michelle
  2. Craig, Scott
  3. Fifer, Darren
  4. Gray, Jamie

  1. Rowland, Keir

Don't drive too close behind a truck:
If you can't see the driver in his/her mirrors, then they can't see you.


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